Permanent Make-up

Permanent or Semi-Permanent Make-up can truly transform your face. It can take years of you whether you are suffering from a hair loss condition, have sparse, over-plucked, patchy brows, or if you simply want to add colour and definition.

At Better You By Alex, we offer Ombre Brows as well as Microblading technique.

Ombre Brow

Ombre Brows are the secret to achieving perfect natural looking two-tone brows. The unique treatment creates a thick and softer look on the brows. This is designed to take the ombre hair trend – where locks are darker at the top and become gradually lighter. The procedure is done by tattoo machine designed to brows only.


Microblading Procedure is a natural technique which creates realistic hairstroke effect to eyebrows. We can change the shape of brows or add density to the existing ones. During procedure we use hand tool/ medical blade.


Ombre Brow / Microblading: £390
Nano-hairstroke Brows: £390

Invisible Eyeliner (between lashes): £200
Classic Eyeliner: £250
Eyeliner Top-up (after 6 weeks): £50

Lips pigmentation: £390
Top-up (after 6 weeks): £50

Dark Lips Neutralization (per session): £250

LVL Lash Lifting with tint: £70
Henna Brows with shaping: £40

Scars pigmentation (depends on size): £100 – £300

Ombre & Powder Brows

Method: Gentle tattoo machine
Time for treatment: 1.5-3 hours
Pain level: 2 out of 10
Good for: Those who like a defined brow
Not good for: It’s good for everyone
Lasts for: 1-3 years

Combo Brows

Method: Tattoo machine & hand tool
Time for treatment: 2-3 hours
Pain level: 3 out of 10
Good for: Those who like a defined brow but are missing hair in spots
Not good for: Oily skin
Lasts for: 1-3 years


Method: Manual hand tool
Time for treatment: 2-3 hours
Pain level: 3 out of 10
Good for: A natural base brown
Not good for: Oily skin, matureskin, dark skin
Lasts for: 1-3 years

Frequently asked questions:

What happens during treatment?

We will chat through exactly what you would like the result to be. Then the technician will the photo before treatment, disinfect the area, “pre-draw” your new brow shape and match the colour to your skin and type.

After we will discuss if the client likes it or would prefer to change some details. If the shape is accepted, we will start to do pigmentation.

Later, the technician will take “after” photo, will sure the Client be happy with the result and explain again what the aftercare procedure is.

How long does it take?

The reserve time take between 2 ½ – 3 hours. The initial procedure will generally take approximately 2 hours.

Touch up require far less time; 1-1½ hours.

Does it hurt?

Although everyone’s comfort level is different, most clients agree permanent make-up procedures are far more comfortable than anticipated.

Usually described on Level 3/4 on scale of 0 – 10.

However, there are different methods available to help with comfort management, including various topical aesthetic ointments designed for our industry.

What is A Touch Up and when I wound need it?

A touch-up is a colour re-enhancement or adjustment.

These procedures are processes and at least one follow-up to the initial procedure will be scheduled 4 – 6 weeks later and is complimentary. Colours will appear darker immediately following the procedure but will soften and lighten during the healing process. Implanted colour almost always needs at least a minor adjustment after the skin heals.

How long do permanent cosmetic last?

The colour and shape are seen on the skin from 1 to 3 years long, but the quality depends on the base of many factors as your ‘after care’ of the procedure area, health, medications, sun, age or skin products.

Remember, as with hair and nail treatments, refreshers are needed.

Are Permanent Cosmetics Really Permanent?

Technically, permanent cosmetics procedures are considered permanent because the colour is implanted into the upper reticular part of the dermal layer of the skin and cannot be washed off. However, fading can and often does occur, requiring periodic maintenance, colour re-enhancement or colour re-freshens.

Just like hair colour, furniture that may be located near a window, or even house paint, pigment implanted in the skin may fade with time.

How long does it take to heal?

Just after the treatment the brows swell and have redness colour till even 48 hours. The area can get a filling of stiff, as it is a fresh wound.
In around 2 day a delicate trickle begins to appear, the skin is tightly pinched, maybe a little itch.

Eyebrows gently darken, but calmly – it is only a momentary stage, yet you will say that they are too bright. Immediately after treatment, eyebrows are redrawn in an intense colour.

In between 3-5 days you will discover scabs, which absolutely must not be stripped, because you can deprive yourself of pigment in this place. Skin care after permanent make-up co-decides on its durability and eliminate possible adverse effects.

For a few days after the procedure, it is necessary to apply a cream that promotes healing. Do not tear off scabs, soak your skin, sunbathe, use the solarium, swimming pool or sauna.

Now it is time for patience, the pigment is slowly settling every day, and we meet after about a month (4-6 weeks) at the next meeting Top-Up, to add where you need color.


pregnancy, lactation, herpes, infections, bacterial or fungal viral, haemophilia

Payment options:

We accept all standard payment methods including credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro), cash and bank transfer payments.

A £50 non-refundable deposit is payable to secure your appointment, then the remaining balance is split between your treatment sessions.

If you cancel your appointment on the day of treatment, the booking fee will not be refunded to you.

Otherwise, please give us 24 hours to move your booking day to the more convenient time.

We gift a set number of treatment hours per month to charities that we support and breast cancer patients. Please understand that If we waste appointment slots due to on-the-day cancellations, it can impact the number of unpaid hours we can gift the following month.

Your Personal Information will not be passed onto any third parties. We will only use your email address to send you information about your appointments, treatments or other information related to our business.

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